junio 21, 2011

Publicidad de METEC 2011

Magnesitas de Navarra S.A, Magna, expositor en la Feria METEC 2011:

The Bright World of Metals

Düsseldorf, Germany
28 June - 2 July 2011
Messe Düsseldorf: http://www.messe-duesseldorf.com/

Magnesitas Navarras, S.A. MAGNA

Product Information of Product Category Exhibitor of METEC 2011 Thermal insulation and refractory materials

Refractory MgO based monolythics mixes 09.05.2011

MAGNA Produces refractory MgO based monolythics mixes and supplies application machinery to the steel industry for those mixes:

* BOTTOM RAMMING: MAGNA is a specialist of bottom ramming mass (new bottom construction, cold and hot repair) with our brand MAGSOL

* GUNNING: MAGNA successfully promotes a gunning range of products for EAF, ladles, BOF converters including the application machinery. Today there are 14 MAGNA fixed gunning robots, in 7 countries (Europe, North & South America) as well as 6 mobile gunning shooters and a very large number of usual application machinery (gunning vessels, Spreader and spinners)

* TUNDISH mixes as far as tundish products are concerned; MAGNA manufactures a range of sprayable tundish masses & Dry vibe tundish. MAGNA has launched a successful innovative self hardening tundish mix ( COLDMAG )

Source: http://www.metec-tradefair.com/

Projects: Open pit mine in source of the river Manubles, Borobia, and Zilbeti (Spain)

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